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Imagine being able to tour a home from the comfort of your couch, or with the convenience of your device on the go.  The concept seems so ordinary in today's market, but that has not always the case.  Dynamic pilots and exceptional editors have developed, explored and redefined the medium into a marketing juggernaut for the local residential real estate markets. Agents appreciate having their portfolio on hand at any moment, prospective buyers appreciate not having to physically tour ever house presented to them.  Its cost and time efficient to allow buyers to decide for themselves which property they would like to tour.

EAP offers fully customized marketing packages designed for the sharing platform of your choice and provides 4k or 1080p HD media hosted for embedding or downloadable for easy sharing


The process for booking is simple; provide the address of the property (for airspace regulation referencing; if there are regulations in place, such as an airport, additional time will be required to secure our flight waiver) - place a $50 deposit, to secure your preferred date/time.

weather checks will be conducted the day of

EAP reserves the right to cancel any flight for inclimate weather, with the exception of indoor filming.

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aerial photography

photography packages starting at $99

marketing made easy: 15-20 ultra HD resolution photos at an affordable price.

includes one sixty minute flight on property and one hour of post production editing

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CDM - 2 (WEBSITE).jpg
real estate marketing media

videography packages starting at $200

turn-key real estate marketing media designed for the social media sharing platform of your choice; we also host the media directly on our website, so all you have to do is send your client the link - easy!

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