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This flight started with a Maximum Performance Take-Off, which is actually sort of hysterical when you think about it, because the Robinson22 is pretty underpowered. Pulling Max power during a take-off would like be needed to clear an obstacle directly in front of the aircraft, and allows the helicopter to ascend vertically to clear the obstacle before transitioning to Effective Transitional Lift (ETL) and into normal forward flight.


We transition into the right traffic pattern for runway 16, a small unused section in the corner of the airport where airspace is less congested.  The approach is a little unique because you fly over a regional auto auction lot before landing on a small patch of tarmac.

As we transition out of the landing, I take instruction on how to perform a "slope" landing; this is a compulsory skill that teaches pilots how to land one skid while hovering the other to simulate having to land or to create an egress/ingress point while on uneven terrain.

The training flight is finished with a "Quick Taxi" across runway 27.


EPISODE iX - (KRAL, RIVERSIDE) - Max performance takeoffs / slope landings


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