Welcome to Elevated Aerial Photography's Real Estate Portfolio

Elevated Aerial Photography is changing the real estate market, one aerial property tour at a time!  Imagine being able to have a virtual library of shareable media to present to buyers and sellers alike.  Tour a diverse group of properties spread out over hundreds of miles without having to even start your car!

Index and get to know your buyer by showing properties to acquire their property taste(s), while allowing them to virtually tour homes with unprecedented access!  Every project includes an extensive aerial survey of the surrounding area to give reference and to highlight the landscape.  This will include a cinematic reveal of the property with a fully customizable introduction.  Selling points are added throughout the video and highlighted in detail depending on the package level.

The packages below represent our three-tier real estate platform.  Each video is unique to the property but will have additional features throughout the video depending on the complexity and the access to a particular property.  Our goal is to capture the inherent value of the client/realtor relationship by maximizing everyone's time and comfort while getting an initial assessment of what they want to achieve by purchasing property.  Once the realtor can assess, through a digital library of aerial property tours, what the client favors, the realtor can then more accurately target properties for the client to actually visit.  A more efficient and effective means by which to market properties! Theoretically, a realtor can spend more time with more clients by sending aerial property tours in advance of meeting with them and spend less time driving from property to property, wasting the critical time of both the realtor and the client!


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The Gold Package is our premier platform that includes all of our services in one dynamic piece of shareable media with unprecedented access to the property!  A fully-customized introduction will include a property address followed by a realtor introduction to the property (voice or video overlay).  That introduction will by exceptionally cinematic showcasing the landscape and features of the home.  The extended backyard highlight will exhaustively showcase the backyard and landscaped features as major selling points!  This will include a 360 degree property flyover at various elevations.  This aerial assessment of the surrounding area will include aerial video (pending a safety brief) of up to two locations - either nearby major points of interest, or major location selling points.  

The Gold Package will include a gallery of professional photos taken by Elevated Aerial Photography or one of our trusted affiliates and will be integrated to the final product with custom captions for each photo.  If the property allows, we can fly indoors, or use motion-stabilized video equipment to create interior guided tours.

This package includes 2 full hours of aerial flight time and up to 5 hours of post production editing for both photo and video files.  Up to 3 revisions or 1 redesign can be made (additional revisions and redesigns will be invoiced).  

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